It is with immense pride that we announce Hyo-Tec’s victory among the three winners of the second edition of the Brain Program.
This significant recognition highlights our commitment to innovation and our ability to propel innovative ideas into the world of technology.

The Brain Program: Catalyst for Opportunities

Renowned for supporting revolutionary ideas, the Brain Program has acted as an invaluable catalyst for Hyo-Tec.
This recognition strengthens our position in the market and opens doors to strategic partnerships, confirming our role as a key player in technological innovation.

Innovation is in Hyo-Tec’s DNA

This success attests to our determination to push the boundaries of innovation. Since our inception, we have set high
standards by developing cutting-edge technological solutions, embodying the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that
define our team.

Towards a Sustainable Future

At Hyo-Tec, we don’t just conceive solutions, we build bridges to a sustainable future. This victory reinforces our
commitment to innovations that transcend current challenges, shaping a more balanced world environmentally and technologically.

Invitation to Share in Success

We invite our partners, collaborators, and the Hyo-Tec community to celebrate this milestone with us. Your continued
support strengthens our determination to innovate and shape the future with innovative technological solutions.

Eyes Set on the Future

While we celebrate this significant victory, our gaze remains fixed on the future. The recognition from the Brain
Program urges us to intensify our efforts, explore new frontiers, and materialize our bold vision for the technology sector.

Expressions of Gratitude

We express sincere gratitude to the organizers of the Brain Program for providing a platform that celebrates
innovation and fosters the growth of startups. We deeply appreciate our collaborators and partners.


Hyo-Tec’s victory in the Brain Program is the result of the hard work and determination of our exceptional team.
We are honored to be among the winners of this edition and look forward to continuing to write the story of innovation and success.

The Hyo-Tec Team