We are delighted to announce Hyo-Tec’s successful participation in the conference under the theme “Renewed University and Entrepreneurial Leadership” which took place on July 10, 2023, at the city of Sciences in Tunisia. The event, focusing on the crucial role of universities in the knowledge economy and innovation, provided an exceptional opportunity for our team to share innovative ideas and collaborate with other influential players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

At the Forefront of Innovation

Hyo-Tec’s participation in this conference has showcased our ongoing commitment to innovation and entrepreneurial leadership. We had the opportunity to present our cutting-edge technological solutions, highlighting how Hyo-Tec actively contributes to shaping the future of the knowledge economy. Our team shared key insights into how we integrate university research, technological development, and entrepreneurship to create solutions that push the boundaries of the industry.

Fruitful Discussions and Networking Opportunities

The conference also served as an exceptional platform to establish connections with other innovative startups, renowned researchers, and industry thought leaders. The fruitful discussions and strengthened relationships forged during the event will play a crucial role in the ongoing development of Hyo-Tec and our contribution to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Commitment to the Local Community

Participating in this event in Tunisia was not only a networking opportunity but also a statement of our commitment to the local community. We take pride in contributing to the economic vitality of the country by being a part of the knowledge and innovation-driven economy.

About Hyo-Tec

Hyo-Tec, as a dynamic startup, continues to push the boundaries of technological innovation. We are confident that our participation in events of this magnitude strengthens our position and commitment to the future of Tunisia as an innovation hub.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as Hyo-Tec continues to shape the future of technology and entrepreneurship

The Hyo-Tec Team