Our startup, represented by Mr. Bilel Gassara, Co-founder and CEO of HyO-Tec, was present at the 10th edition of the “Select USA Summit 2024” investment summit. This event welcomed business leaders from around the world, along with thousands of foreign investors and delegates from the American private sector.

“Select USA 2024” presents a real opportunity for companies looking to expand their presence in the United States and develop their activities in the American market. The investment summit “Select USA Summit,” held from June 23 to 26 in Maryland, Washington, USA, and organized by the U.S. Department of Commerce, provides an exceptional opportunity for HyO-Tec to position itself among global innovation leaders and proudly represent Tunisia on the international stage.

By participating in this summit, HyO-Tec aims to strengthen its ties with the American market, attract investors, and forge strategic partnerships. The goal is to stimulate the company’s international expansion while contributing to the Tunisian economy through innovation and technology.

HyO-Tec: Ambassador of Tunisian Innovation in the United States

As a member of the Tunisian delegation, HyO-Tec aims to demonstrate that Tunisia is a hub of innovation and a key player in the global technological landscape, while sharing its technological expertise and successes. The SelectUSA Summit provided an opportunity for HyO-Tec, alongside other Tunisian startups, to showcase Tunisia’s skills on a global stage, highlighting the dynamism and innovation of the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This participation undoubtedly strengthens Tunisia’s position as a leader in sustainable technologies and innovation. It also demonstrates that Tunisian startups are capable of competing with major international companies and contributing significantly to global technological and economic development.

HyO-Tec: Innovative Force from Tunisia at the Heart of International Expansion

HyO-Tec is dedicated to developing sustainable technological solutions that meet the growing needs in energy and the environment. The startup is distinguished by its commitment to promoting innovative technological solutions that promote a green and resilient economy. Representing Tunisia at such an event reflects the quality and ambition of the company to become a leader in its sector and to provide sustainable solutions to global challenges.

By participating in the Select USA Summit, HyO-Tec aims not only to demonstrate its innovation capabilities but also to actively engage in discussions on sustainable practices and technological solutions for a sustainable and greener future.

Strategic Objectives of HyO-Tec at the SelectUSA Summit

Exploring Market Opportunities in the United States: HyO-Tec aims to understand the dynamics of the American market for its innovative technological solutions. By immersing itself in this environment, HyO-Tec seeks to identify growth opportunities and adapt its products and services to the specific needs of the American market.

Establishing Strategic Partnerships: One of HyO-Tec’s main objectives is to build relationships with investors and business partners to support its sustainable and technological development initiatives. The startup intends to discuss potential collaborations that will strengthen its capacity to innovate and grow.

Promoting Tunisian Innovation: HyO-Tec aims to highlight Tunisian expertise and creativity in technological innovation. By participating in the Select USA Summit, HyO-Tec aims to demonstrate that Tunisia is a hub of innovation and a key player in the global technological landscape.

A Program Rich in Opportunities for HyO-Tec

During the Select USA Summit, HyO-Tec will participate in various workshops and networking sessions, offering opportunities to meet key decision-makers and potential investors. These sessions will allow HyO-Tec to present its projects and innovations and discuss challenges and opportunities in the sustainable technology sector.

Workshops and Conferences: HyO-Tec will participate in training sessions and workshops on best practices for entering the American market, investment management, and growth strategies.

B2B Meetings: Individual meeting sessions will allow HyO-Tec to establish direct relationships with potential investors, business partners, and government representatives.

Product and Technology Presentations: HyO-Tec will have the opportunity to showcase its innovations to an international audience, demonstrating its ability to deliver cutting-edge technological solutions.

A Promising Future for HyO-Tec and Tunisia

HyO-Tec’s participation in the Select USA Summit is recognition of its potential and ability to innovate on a global scale. This summit represents a unique opportunity to discuss emerging trends, exchange innovative ideas, build strong connections that will support its international expansion, and contribute to Tunisia’s technological and economic development.

By Hyo-Tec Team